Sustainability Program

When you make a decision to buy your office furniture from Accent Furniture, you make a great choice for the environment. Environmental sustainability is a passion of the entire team at Accent and is part of our culture – we are committed to it. Consequently, the effect on air, water and land conditions together with waste minimisation is considered of utmost importance during all work performed by us or on our behalf.

As part of our sustainability program, we have a comprehensive stewardship program. This means we will take back all office furniture products from our clients at the end of the products’ useful life and recycle or donate the products where possible.

Accent Furniture’s Environmental Management System has been developed in line with ISO 14001:2004. Our office furniture systems are designed using products and procedures that support sustainable manufacturing methods. For example, 95% of the timber substrate used in our office furniture is obtained from sustainable forests and most of our products are certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). We have a range of Eco-friendly office furniture products.

Green Star

Our project teams at Accent Furniture work with clients to help them achieve sustainability and environmental ratings, such as the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating. We have recently completed a project for Jetset Travel World (Qantas) in Brisbane, which is in a ‘6 Star Green Star (As Built)’ and ‘5.5 Star NABERS energy’ rated Santos building.

Where possible, volatile organic compound content limits, formaldehyde emission levels and the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products are minimised in order to comply with the Green Building Council of Australia’s current Green Star Office Design Technical Manual.