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How smart is your office furniture?

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A smart workplace is one in which employees have the tools, environment and flexibility to work to their full potential. This results in higher productivity and better business results. The team at Accent have some tips for achieving a smarter workplace with modern office furniture solutions, drawing inspiration from Anetta Pizag’s book Create a Thriving Workspace.

Create opportunities for creativity

Pizag writes that we need to promote the use of the right work tools. She notes that greater creativity was observed from team members during face-to-face interactions compared with interacting through digital media tools. Basic tools also deliver creativity to architects at certain stages of their work process with many believing that early pen and paper drawings give them more creative freedom than drafting software.

Drawing on these ideas, your corporate office furniture and accessory choices can boost creativity:

  • Give creative thinking an outlet with the humble white board or a flip-chart sitting alongside multimedia smart boards.
  • Add modern, collaborative office furniture so that staff have the tools for regular face-to-face meetings, not only in a meeting room, but within the office space. Consider purchasing some office meeting pods, which generally seat 4-6 people and have an integrated table and built-in power/data points for charging and connecting. You can add a TV or a monitor for sharing information or video conferencing.
  • Think about that exciting arts and craft cupboard from your childhood. How about adding a fun multimedia storage cabinet to your office furniture, with crayons, coloured paper, glue sticks and other materials to get those creative juices flowing?!

Put data in the right place

Reducing paper use at desks and workstations is often a corporate objective. Pizag observes that the paperless office can only work if you combine it with smart data management systems. The most important thing is to put data in the right place. At Accent, we recommend our office furniture clients undertake a storage audit to work out what is needed, how and when.

A successful workplace storage audit should lead to a requirement for less office furniture. You can buy smaller workstations, as employees can access information electronically or from a central storage area, rather than having paper files around the desk. Fewer filing cabinets will be required if files can live in the cloud for everybody to access and share. The cloud can also facilitate more flexible working such as hot desking and working from home, so you will need fewer workstations overall. How smart is that?!

Create work zones

Pizag refers to creating ‘a well-functioning floor layout’. At Accent Office Furniture, we highly recommend zoning and activity based working: modern, ergonomic office furniture set in a well-designed layout is the key to facilitating tasks that take place in each zone. For example, ergonomic chairs are invaluable for optimal health and wellbeing in zones where people typically sit down for long periods. Also, include a mix of private spaces, collaborative zones, breakout areas and shared workstation or desk spaces.

Small offices can implement activity based working as well as larger spaces. Clever selection of corporate office furniture can make one room a multi-purpose zone. For example, a height adjustable workstation could be an informal stand-up meeting table one day and a work space the next. Interestingly, standing burns around 30% more calories per hour than sitting down. Evidence suggests that introducing height adjustable workstations to your office furniture range can improve productivity because circulation increases and the brain becomes more productive.

Corporate office furniture for the smart business

Smart workplaces are an important factor in developing high performance businesses. Please call Accent on 1800 044 044 to find out more about modern office furniture for the smart business.