Bring your team together

With so much focus on cost per square metre of office space, it is tempting to look for cost savings in non-primary collaborative work spaces. Such spaces include meeting rooms and breakout areas. This can be a false economy, as collaboration and teamwork are often the drivers of productivity improvements. This applies to corporate, education and healthcare workplaces equally.

You can install office meeting pods and media tables as part of your collaborative office furniture range. This will make an excellent and cost-efficient use of space.

Office meeting pods

Office meeting pods generally seat 4-6 people comfortably, with a smaller footprint than a large conference table. Conference tables usually occupy a whole meeting room. This can take up to around 12-18 square metres of space even for a small meeting room. An office meeting pod typically occupies 4-5 square metres and can be situated in an open plan space or the breakout area.

Office meeting pods often have built-in power and data points. You can add a TV or a monitor, and staff can charge smartphones and tablets at the built-in USB points.

Meeting pods add a stylish element to your office space. For example, Accent Office Furniture’s Huddle Office Meeting Pod has a choice of custom upholstery, 24 table top choices and a table base available in white or black powdercoat or a stainless satin finish.

Perfect for corporate teams, healthcare staff and students and teachers in the education sector, office meeting pods are the new way of collaborating!

Media tables

Another collaborative office furniture solution is the stand-up meeting table. With a fully customisable, built-in power and data box, media tables allow for full AV integration with a flat screen so your team can come together to brainstorm or train.

You can choose from two heights and two widths with Accent’s Brainstorm Media Table. Power and data options include umbilical cable management, floor cable covers, TV screen and monitor bracket (suitable for a screen up to 42 inches), 10 amp power, VGA, RCA, HDMI, USB charging, soft wiring and a starter socket.

For longer meetings, staff can also use high stools to sit around the media table. Media tables are equally at home in a hospital or healthcare facility, school, college or university, or a corporate workplace. Please call 1800 044 044 or contact us to find out more about collaborative office furniture. (links)