Accessories give a productivity boost to any workspace

Accessories such as power and data points, acoustic panels and divider screens turn a workstation and chair into a productivity hub! Staff can concentrate better on tasks by reducing office noise with acoustic panels. Workstation divider screens will give them some privacy.

Technology is at the heart of so many tasks. Workstation systems often have power and data options built in. In saying this, you can tailor your technology options with desk-mounted power boards or under-desk power and data rails. Making technology easy to use helps to boost productivity.

Our range can also save desk space and prevent clutter, for example, desk mounted monitor arms and paper trays.

As well as providing functionality, your office interior décor can be boosted by well-chosen accessories. A storage cabinet that doubles as a planter box is both attractive and practical. This can also improve staff morale by bringing nature into the office.

View Accent’s range of accessories to see how you can increase your corporate, healthcare or education team’s workplace engagement and productivity.

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