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Office furniture sets the tone for your business vision

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Every business has a vision. This vision usually relates to how a product or service will change people’s lives for the better. Even products that seem unrelated to ‘people’ are purchased for some future expected improvement in somebody’s life, somewhere.

Your employees are responsible for delivering this business vision. Their skills and their commitment to quality and service levels will determine your success. Accent Office Furniture looks at how your choice of corporate office furniture affects your team’s ability to deliver your vision.

Creating a visionary work environment

Office furniture and resources surround your employees every day, and the overall ambience can make a real difference to how they perform.

Anetta Pizag’s book, Create a Thriving Workspace,* examines seven design principles for high-performance work environments. This includes the creation of ‘space for a visionary business’.

Pizag recommends that you match your values with the physical space. She writes about an IT recruitment company (IT Success Recruitment Services) that wanted to emphasise their transparency and authenticity in their dealings with candidates.

They designed their office space to be open and colourful. Workstations had no dividing screens, and the office furniture was more domestic than corporate in its style. This style of modern office furniture and its layout set the tone for a welcoming and open interaction between staff and visitors. This helps to fulfil the vision.

Aligning values with physical space in this way makes it easier for staff to perform in line with the company’s vision.

Conveying brand messages through office furniture and surroundings

Branding is an important part of a company’s vision. For your brand message to be effectively conveyed to customers, look for opportunities to surround your team with brand values in the workplace.

Branding is more than a logo or a colour. Branding runs through the veins of a company. This can include the subtle messages that corporate office furniture and layout send to employees.

Pizag has an excellent example in her case study about JobAdder, a software company whose brand is about simplicity.

They moved to cloud based systems and now their entire office is a marketing tool, conveying the message of a clean and simple environment. There are no messy cables, desk phones or piles of paper. As well as attracting new customers, their office message makes it easy to attract the right staff to deliver their vision.

Another example of a company showcasing their branding through office furniture and design is Lego. There are fun hotspots in the workplace and brick sculptures are used as office partitioning.

Also, at Virgin, the communal space resembles an airport viewing deck. The space is complete with a full-size cockpit and a row of check-in desks. For other interesting brand stories about office furniture and design, visit www.iwishiworkedthere.com

To find out more about modern office furniture for a visionary business, please call the Accent Office Furniture Group on 1800 044 044.


* http://pizag.com.au/create-a-thriving-workspace/