• office furniture for the diversified business

Office furniture for the diversified business

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Businesses today have a diverse range of people and skills. This diversity helps to create a workplace rich in ideas and creativity, but also means that businesses should provide different work and office furniture options. Read Accent’s tips for choosing office furniture to cater for this modern workforce.

Embrace activity based working to provide work zones

Activity based working involves creating work zones that provide optimum office furniture and conditions for a particular type of work. This includes paper-based or computer-based tasks, brainstorming, team collaboration and breakout time. Staff move to an area that best suits the type of activity they are working on at that time.

In a diverse workplace, employees will have different personalities and work style preferences. Activity based working should deliver office furniture choices to suit everybody and every task: quiet multi-workstation areas, private offices with a single workstation, home-style office lounges or ottomans, stand-up or height adjustable desks, meeting tables, ergonomic chairs, task chairs and executive chairs.

Moving around during the work day also stimulates blood flow to the brain and creative thinking.

Flexible office furniture for the flexible workforce

Flexibility supports diverse work styles, which is important for workplaces with a mix of young and old workers, who have grown up in very different eras.

Flexible working might include home based work days, hot desking arrangements and part-time work hours. The right corporate office furniture and mobile technology will help your team be productive.

Smaller workstations with a simple design work well for hot desking, where staff occupy whichever desk is free, rather than having a dedicated personal workstation. Pedestal storage cabinets that can be wheeled to the hot desk help give employees a place to store their personal belongings. Personal lockers are an alternative storage option; these are growing in popularity within corporate offices.

Consult staff about office furniture decisions

Try to provide a variety of zones and modern office furniture that caters for different needs. Whether you are embarking on a new fit-out or a cosmetic refurbishment, remember that employees who are consulted are more likely to be satisfied with the result. Your staff will also have many of the best ideas for increasing productivity through new work zones and office furniture.

Create a Thriving Workspace

Workplace researcher, Anetta Pizag, covers diversified businesses in her book about high-performance work environments, Create a Thriving Workspace.

She writes about the impact that different types of office furniture can have on interaction in a workplace. Effective interaction, of course, is vital amongst team members.

The meeting table is one example. Pizag writes that a large table (particularly wider than around 1.6m) is not the best place for team interactions, as it’s more difficult to collaborate when people are seated too far from each other. Smaller meeting tables are better for teamwork if people do not feel crowded. A variety of meeting table sizes will fit with the activity based working model referred to earlier. Staff can move to the table that best suits their work activity.

Stand up meetings help promote more engagement and sharing ideas. With this in mind, height adjustable workstations double as meeting tables.

Pizag also writes that the shape of the table can influence interaction. Round or square tables suggest greater equality amongst the group when compared to a long rectangular table. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for a more hierarchical table – perhaps in the boardroom.

Pizag reminds us of the more relaxed conversations we are used to having on bar style furniture, sofas or beanbags. Introduce stools and lounges to your corporate office furniture and see how the style of interaction changes.

When you’re choosing modern office furniture, you might be interested in some of Pizag’s advice about the effect that colours, surfaces, lines and shapes have on mood and thinking. For example, shiny surfaces are invigorating, horizontal lines are naturally calming and rooms with low ceilings support concentration and attention to detail.

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