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Getting the balance right – office safety and aesthetic appeal

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We all love to work in an environment that looks and feels great. It motivates us and makes us proud of our company. If you’re planning to buy new office furniture in 2017, you will want to get the balance right between exciting aesthetic features and employee safety. Accent Office Furniture has some tips to help you.

Managing different priorities with corporate office furniture

Often, the stakeholders in an office will have different priorities. Those who are mindful of an employer’s duty of care and corporate risk will advocate for the safest ergonomic office furniture. Operational managers who are trying to attract and retain the best talent will want the latest, modern office furniture to promote the company brand.

If you involve a representative from every stakeholder group in the decision-making process, it’s easier to strike a happy balance.

Finding safe and modern ergonomic office furniture

Fortunately in 2017, office desks, workstations, seating and ergonomic chairs are so advanced. Their design will mean that you can achieve both safety and aesthetic objectives when selecting corporate office furniture.

  • Install good quality ergonomic furniture in the main work zones where employees spend most time.
  • The same ergonomic chair may not suit all people and all tasks. Explore different office chair options for both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Ergonomic chairs are often available with a multitude of fabric and colour options, so consider a colour that complements your brand.
  • Jazz up the office design by adding colourful beanbags and ottomans in areas where people spend less time, or where they can be used as extra seating for occasional use.

Say hello to office lounge furniture for breakout areas

Lounge and breakout areas offer a fantastic opportunity to focus on the aesthetic appeal of your office. If you don’t have a breakout area yet, make 2017 the year to embrace it. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Add some charging points and a coffee machine and watch collaboration increase!

For the latest in office lounge chair designs for 2017, click here.

If you see employees balancing laptops on their knees and getting too comfortable on the office lounge, warn them about the dangers of poor work posture and back or neck strain:

• Highlight the intention behind the breakout zones: collaboration, relaxation and thinking.

• Explain the adverse effects of using laptops for long periods without an ergonomic chair and a flat desk or workstation surface.

• Provide stand-up desks within your office furniture range as an alternative place to work.

Let there be light

Good lighting will improve both safety and the ambience of your office. Look for ways to bring in more natural daylight as it offers many health benefits that can flow through to improved motivation and productivity.

Install bright lights in office areas where people need to focus on paperwork. Use softer lighting for breakout spaces and meeting rooms. Colourful mood lighting works well in some offices, but use it sparingly.

Tread carefully

If you are using wood or floor tiles in your office, consider potential slip hazards, particularly in kitchens and storage rooms. Use slip resistant floor coverings or apply anti-slip treatments to the floor.

Adapt office furniture for the work zone

Activity based working, where the office furniture varies by work zone, gives you scope to have different styles of office furniture. Accent recommends buying modular and multifunctional office furniture, which is easy to move, adapt and add new pieces to.

Discuss work processes with staff and find out how and where they like to work on different tasks. They may have ideas to speed up processes and therefore productivity. All you need to do is give them well-designed spaces and office furniture that facilitates their work. They can bring the rest!

To find out more about safe office furniture that looks and feels great, please call the Accent Furniture on 1800 044 044.