• Corporate office furniture for the evolving business

Corporate office furniture for the evolving business

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Your business has no doubt been affected by the evolving nature of our workplaces, which have seen massive change over the last twenty years mainly due to leaps in technology. Accent Office Furniture has some tips for the evolving office, inspired by ideas in Anetta Pizag’s book, Create a Thriving Workspace.1

Buy modern office furniture that is easy to change

Pizag writes about ‘chameleon spaces’ – flexible, multi-functional office spaces that can be changed according to need. Try to make it easy to remodel a room to suit changing headcount or business processes with modular office furniture and multi-functional building elements. Pizag gives an example of multi-functional ‘walls’ that can be used as partitions, display boards or even whiteboards.

Pizag recommends mobile partitions and modern office furniture that is easy to move and easy to store. Stack-able office chairs, ergonomic chairs and adjustable workstations are easily adaptable for different team members and business needs.

Install corporate office furniture that suits flexible working

Flexible and remote working has been the biggest structural change that the work day has seen in recent years. In fact, even the work ‘day’ is no longer an apt term, with smartphones giving us 24/7 access to our emails and files stored in the cloud.

Technology will continue to evolve, giving us new ways of communicating with our colleagues and facilitating flexible work methods. Productivity gains are also evident in flexible working: Pizag cites research by the Telework Research Network that shows workers’ productivity increases by 27% on days when they are working remotely.

Flexible working changes the requirements for corporate office furniture. Fewer workstations are required because fewer people are in the office on any one day. However, those ergonomic workstations should be adjustable to suit different tasks and people so they can also be used for hot desking or stand-up working. (Hot desking means that staff do not have a dedicated workstation but use whichever desk is free at the time.)

Home workers might also need advice on their home office furniture from both a health and safety perspective and a practical viewpoint.

Involve team members in the decisions

People react differently to change. Some embrace it and love the sense of renewal it gives them. Others resist change, seeing it as a threat. You can’t keep everybody happy all the time. However, by involving staff in the decision making process, you will create a sense of ownership over the result. Involving people in change will more likely want it to work.

Pizag writes about the tendency for workers to nest and feel territorial over their work area. When the team at Accent Office Furniture discusses flexible working with clients, this often comes up in conversation. People get attached to their ergonomic chair and their workstation. This is not just office furniture to them, but their space, their territory.

To help manage the transition to new office furniture, a new layout or a new way of working, Pizag recommends having clear, honest conversations about why the changes are useful for the business. Educate them about how to use the new space and involve them in the decision making.

For more office furniture and design tips from Anetta Pizag, you can order her book online.

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