Benefits of regular workplace change

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Imagine walking in to work one morning to find your workplace looks completely different. New office furniture layout, office desks, stand-up workstations, funky ergonomic chairs, a brand new coffee machine with flavour pods galore and wait, is that a lounge chair in the corner? Imagine the feeling of excitement, a fresh start, new beginnings.

‘A change is as good as a rest’ is a well-known saying. It means that a change reinvigorates us in the same way as relaxation can. Accent Office Furniture looks at how you can motivate and reinvigorate your staff without giving them a week off!

Buy adaptable office furniture

If you buy adaptable office furniture, you can change your space layout regularly. Look for modular desks, workstations and storage units that fit together in different configurations.

Don’t underestimate the power of a change in office layout. It gets people talking and feeling excited about their surroundings.

Encourage staff to stand up more

Height adjustable workstations are ergonomically the best choice for seating. Not only can you cater for individual work height preferences, but some workstations can be a traditional desk one minute and a stand-up desk the next. For example, Accent’s Motion desk has a quick and quiet electrical adjustment speed of 4cm per second.

Switching during the day between sitting down and standing up to work will get the blood flowing and give the brain a jump start.

Add something new

Modular office furniture ranges usually have options that can be added later as your business grows. For example, new storage units that match your workstations, or office lounge chairs with the same colour and finish as your ergonomic chairs.

Add an interesting splash of colour to your office furniture range with ottomans, lounges, colourful table tops, ergonomic chair seats, docking towers, lockers or desk screens. If you select one or two colours, it is easy to add new items that match.

Certain colours affect our mood and motivation at work. For example, restful green and calming blue are said to improve efficiency and focus. Check out your colour choices in the full article from Entrepreneur magazine 

Wall-to-wall changes

Modular wall and partitioning systems allow the utmost flexibility for a new look. They also offer you a cost-effective alternative to fixed walls.

Modular partitions are perfect for work place zoning and activity based working. Zoning lets you make optimal use of your office space, as you can configure office furniture and layout according to work task. Enjoy the cost and flexibility of open plan working, but tailor each zone for specific activities, such as computer work, collaboration, confidential work or creative thinking.

Activity based working takes the ‘change is as good as a rest’ to a whole new level as staff move to a fresh office furniture zone several times a day. This is precisely why activity based working is driving motivation and productivity.

Look for demountable and fully relocatable partitions such as System 70 from Accent Office Furniture. These office partitions can be installed in less than half the time of traditional partitioning. 

What was that about the coffee machine?

A little bit of luxury at work never hurts. Think about the lost productivity as staff go on the coffee run. Ditch the instant coffee and add a coffee pod machine. If the ongoing expense concerns you, make it a BYO coffee machine—simply buy a machine with readily available supermarket pods.

If you create an office environment that offers plenty of change within your four walls, staff will never want to leave!

To find out more about adaptable office furniture solutions, please call the Accent Furniture on 1800 044 044.